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At the age of 37, Nurdin Kaimov is a well-established Kyrgyz painter. Upon graduation from the Kyrgyz State Art College in 1986, Nurdin began work for the National Art Fund. Throughout the 1990s, he fulfilled commissions from the State Administration of Talas, Kyrgyz Republic.

Presently, Nurdin is a private artist who regularly participates in professional exhibitions. His paintings can be found in private collections in Italy, USA, Turkey, and the Kyrgyz Republic.


12 Erevanskaya Street
Bishkek, 720065
Kyrgyz Republic
996.312.29.51.00 or 29.50.00

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"THE MIRAGE" Canvas, oil, 250x160 cm, 1999


National Museum of Art,  Project "Art of Silk Road" 2002

196 Baytik Baatyr street, 720000, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, Tel.: 996 (312) 66-14-47

E-mail: artofsilkroad@intranet.kg, Web: http://www.artofsilkroad.com

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