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KAUMOVA  Mukarama


Mukarama Kaumova is known in her native Tajikstan as a leading costume designer and artisan activist. She has born in 1953, and earned a degree in Physics and Math Education in 1976. She went on to study law at the Lenin State University. Later, in 1993, she earned a degree in Applied Arts for the Arts Institute.

From the 1970s to the 1990s, Mukarama worked as a teacher and administrator of schools and at the Ministry of Education of Tajikistan, as well as at a major gold embroidery workshop. Throughout her career, Mukarama's first love has remained applied arts and Tajik traditional art forms. She enjoys Tajik dance and doing bead work and gold, silver, and silk embroidery, which she prominently displays in the traditional Tajik costumes she designs.

In addition to creating her own art, Mukarama has helped hundreds of other Tajik women improve their situations through craftsmanship after the devastating Tajik civil war left many poverty-stricken and widowed.

Mukarama has displayed her works in numerous regional and international craft and fashion shows in Russia, Korea, India, China, Spain, Cuba, Bulgaria, Belarus, Afghanistan and the rest of Central Asia.


53 Firdousi Street, Apartment 1

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