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Born in 1969 in the Kyrgyz Republic, Lena Kazantseva first developed her artistic vision at the Kyrgyz State Art College. She continued her education at the Easel Drawing Faculty of the Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Art in Russia. Upon graduation, Lena returned to her native Bishkek to practice her art.

In addition to drawing, Lena is also interested in etching and painting and has a fondness for experimenting with texture, form, and color. According to Lena, emotions are the dominant feature of art because they allow both creator and audience to personally experience it. In addition, she believes that fine drawing comes not from how one draws technically, but rather how one views and interprets the world, with subtlety offering more than blatancy.


Microrayon 6, Building 2/1, Apartment 98
Bishkek, 720060
Kyrgyz Republic
996.312.46.91.90 or 46.67.0

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"IN JAYLOO" Canvas, oil, 55x45 cm, 2000


National Museum of Art,  Project "Art of Silk Road" 2002

196 Baytik Baatyr street, 720000, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, Tel.: 996 (312) 66-14-47

E-mail: artofsilkroad@intranet.kg, Web: http://www.artofsilkroad.com

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