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Orozgan Mambetalieva's love for her native Kyrgyz Republic can be seen not only in her art, but also the work she has done to support her community. Born in 1946, she has spent a lifetime developing her painting style and improving conditions for female artists.

In 1993, Orozgan helped found the Association for the Support of Women Artists of the Kyrgyz Republic. She has been actively involved in its development and the 39 exhibitions it has organized during its first nine years. She has also been a member of the Artists' Union of the Kyrgyz Republic since 1992.

Between 1980 and 2002, Orozgan's works have been displayed in over 60 national, international, and solo exhibitions, including "The year of women," where she won second prize (1996) and "Children of Kyrgyzstan," where she also was recognized for her contribution (1996). Her art can be found in many foreign embassies in Bishkek and in private collections Switzerland, the Netherlands, USA, Germany, and Ethiopia.


20 Maldybaeva Street, Apartment 65
Bishkek 720055
Kyrgyz Republic

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"KADYR AKE AND HIS FAMILY" Cardboard, pastel, 48x67 cm, 1996


National Museum of Art,  Project "Art of Silk Road" 2002

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