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MOROMOTO   Ryuseki

As a self-proclaimed "missionary of calligraphy," Ryuseki Morimoto has exhibited his art all over the world, as well as in his native Japan. Born in Osaka in 1940, Ryuseki earned a degree in Calligraphy from the Nara College of Education in 1964. Upon graduation, he began teaching calligraphy at Sijonawate High School. Today, he serves as director of a calligraphy school he founded in 1978.

Ryuseki also heads the Association of Modern Calligraphy. He has won several calligraphy contests in Japan, including "Nitten," which is considered the most prestigious. In 1987, he was awarded the Grandkruz Medal by the Brazilian government.

Ryuseki has exhibited his works all over the world, including Sao-Paulo, Brazil (1987); London, England (1998); Munich, Germany (1998); Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic (2000); Maikop, Russia (2001); and Moscow, Russia (2000, 2002).

Ryuseki's calligraphy can be seen in the National Museum of Oriental Art, the Pushkin Fine Art Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, the Kyrgyz State Museum of Fine Art in Bishkek, as well as many private collections.



3-8-8 Haizuka Daito
Osaka 574-0043

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"FLAME" Calligraphy, 150x50 cm, 2000

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"THE SUN SETTING OVER HOZRIZON" Calligraphy, 170x60 cm, 2000


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