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SHIGAEV  Yuristanbek







34b Maldybaeva Street
Bishkek 720020
Kyrgyz Republic
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Painter Yuristanbek Shigaev is considered a master "storyteller" of ancient Kyrgyz myths and the human condition. Yuristanbek shapes the legends and heritage of his people by layering geographical, philosophical, religious, and national symbols and signs to create rich, abstract canvases that have won him international praise.

Yuristanbek was born in 1958 in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. In 1984, he graduated from the Repin Institute of Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting in St. Petersburg, Russia and in 1992, he completed his post-graduate studies at the Creative Studio of the USSR Academy of Art in Bishkek. He is now a professor of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture at the Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transportation, and Architecture.

Yuristanbek was recognized early for his innovative art. He began receiving awards at competitions and exhibitions in 1987 at an international exhibition in Krakow, Poland. Other accolades include second prize at an exhibition of young Central Asian artists in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (1989); "best in show" awards at the "Children of Kyrgyzstan" exhibition in Bishkek (1996), the "Asian Art" show in Tashkent (1997), and the "World Contemporary '98" exhibition in Los Angeles, California (1998); and the State Prize for his works displayed in national exhibitions (2000, 2001).

Museums, galleries, and institutions worldwide have purchased Yuristanbek's works. Just some include The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia; the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation; the Kyrgyz State Museum of Fine Art in Bishkek; the Modern Art Gallery in Toronto, Canada; the Modern Art Gallery in Seoul, South Korea; and the Art  Museum in Warsaw, Poland. In addition, his works can be seen in private collections throughout Germany, USA, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden.

Although his art is uniquely Kyrgyz, Yuristanbek is convinced there is a common thread running through the totems and scared symbols of the many people populating the globe. After traveling to over 14 countries, Yuristanbek thinks, "Man is uniform. He is equal. It does not matter where you were born or to which god you pray." It is Yuristanbek's ultimate goal to draw out these common threads in his work.

Art of Silk Road is honored to present Yuristanbek Shigaev with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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200x100 cm, canvas, acrylic, 1998

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200x100 cm, canvas, acrylic, 1999


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220x180 cm, canvas, oil, 1999




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