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Jury Salomakhin is a self-taught artist whose credo is "not a single day without a brush." Born in 1933 in Kazakhstan, he moved to the Kyrgyz Republic in 1956 after serving four years in the military. Over the next 40 years, Jury developed his painting style while working as an advertisement designer for Bishkek cinemas and a set designer for the Theatrical Society and the Arts Fund. He also attended a drawing studio at the Artists' House, and in 1997, joined the Artists' Union of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Over the years, Jury has participated in several regional and international exhibitions, including the "60 Heroic Years" all-union exhibition in Moscow (1978), a solo show in Bodman, Germany (1989), and the national Spring and Autumn exhibitions in Bishkek (1998).

Jury considers himself an orientalist. His works reflect his love of Asia and are inspired by the dark blue sky and azure cupolas and tiles of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva, Uzbekistan.


1 Druzhba Street
Bishkek 720031
Kyrgyz Republic

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"THE SEEING-OFF" Canvas, oil, 72x70 cm, 2002




National Museum of Art,  Project "Art of Silk Road" 2002

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