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TASHIEV  Jumagul

Born in 1956 in the small village of Kyzyl-Tuu, Kyrgyz Republic, Jumagul Tashiev has made a name for himself at home and abroad. After graduating from the Kyrgyz State Art College in 1981, he began exhibiting his art in group and solo shows in several countries.

His solo exhibitions include two in Bishkek (1995, 2000) and one in St. Petersburg, Russia (1995). He has also displayed his works at the "Children of Kyrgyzstan" exhibition in Bishkek (1996); an international exhibition of applied arts in Islamabad, Pakistan (1997); "The World through the Eyes of Artists" in Bishkek, at which he was awarded an encouragement prize; and "Expo 2000" in Hanover, Germany (2000).

Jumagul's works can also be seen at the Kyrgyz State Museum of Fine Art and the State Museum of Ethnography in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is member of the Artists' Union of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Society of Artists of St. Petersburg, Russia.


98 Vlasova Street
Bishkek 720076
Kyrgyz Republic

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Ceramics, 75x70 cm, 2002

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Ceramics, 15x46 cm

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Ceramics, 37x32 cm, 2002




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