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YANG  Jenny

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Born in 1964 in Sheng Yong, China, Jenny Yang has successfully bridged the East and West with her inspired paintings. After graduating from the Lu-Cun Art and Painting Institute in Liao Ning, China with a degree in Oil Painting, Jenny began her creative career.

Some of her works include a 20-volume collection "Chinese History Up and Down" (1991), large murals "Sea World" and "Toward the Sky" (1991), a painting entitled "Yung Jeng Emperor" for which she was awarded third prize at the Liao Ning Journalist Art and Painting Exhibition, and two second prize winners "Love and Hate in the Wealthy Family" (1991) and "Market for Health Products" (1994).

In 1993, Jenny displayed her works in three solo exhibitions in China. Then, in 1994, Jenny moved across the Pacific to Los Angeles, California where she found continued acclaim and another strong following. She participated in art exhibitions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and the USA, and later took part in a traveling exhibition to Mexico. In 1996, her works appeared in the annual International Art Exhibition in New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.











YANG Jenny
1927 Harbor Boulevard, No. 247
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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"PERSIAN   WOMAN"  Oil on jute, 200x100 cm, 2001

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"REBIRTH"  Canvas, oil,
120x120 cm, 2001




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